Web Help Desk (WHD)

Currently, help desk teams stack up a high volume of user’ support requests daily, to face the needs of IT teams that are related to tickets and support they are constantly searching for solutions that can help them manage and control all these requests.

With the real needs of IT professionals in mind, SolarWinds has created a platform to support Help Desk Teams, the main focus of this solutions it is to simplify the process of requests/tickets through a web based platform that allows them to manage every single ticket sent since it is opened until it is closed.

The SolarWinds Web Help Desk was design to keep ticket management easy, simple and centralized. In the Dashboard of thi solution (that can be edited by each IT professional) it is possible to see the number of requests, the IT professional that is associated with it, the ticket status, the requests with no IT technical determined and time of response be SLAs.

Web Help Desk benefits:

  • Simplify and centralize ticket management;
  • IT assets management, allowing  the technical to identify quickly user’s issues and the best way to act upon it;
  • Creation of a FAQ area that allows users to dismiss doubts and frequently asked questions;
  • Automated ticket attribution management, in other words it is possible to assign by default a tickets with no need for manual management;
  • Daily/Mothly reports custom made to fit the real needs of each company;
  • Every ticket creates an history that enables the assigned IT technical (and IT team) a close follow up of each ticket;
  • Convert emails into tickets in the Help Desk management system;
  • Inventory management;
  • Web Help Desk integration with SolaWinds DameWare solution.
Web Help Desk

System Requirements:

Requisitos Web Help Desk


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