Customized Solutions

Monitoring Software

From the technology focused on Dashboard monitoring and control of distributed networks, the DSSI offers monitoring of network equipment, servers and services, acting on the first level of errors found by minimizing donwtimes.

Designed to monitor the performance and availability of an IT infrastructure, Dashboard has the functionality to monitor and support the business making it one of the most complete monitoring tools.

Provided with the possibility of monitoring humidity, temperature, network assets (routers, firewalls, bridges, switches), data flow, servers, processes and services company, operates in both Dashboard monitoring infrastructure as the monitoring of the business.


Here are some of the advanced features:
  • Distributed monitoring
  • Scalable
  • Real-time monitoring
  • visualization
  • Quick Troubleshooting
  • Reports and trends
  • WEB monitoring
  • Monitoring proactive
  • Monitoring aggregate
  • Agents for high performance
  • Notifications
  • Management Functions

Service Desk Software

The e-Ticketing Solution Powered by OTRS is a service that enables the organization to provide an interface for opening, manage and query applications and occurrences.

E-Ticketing is a robust service desk software directed to Help Desk registration requests, Call Center management or support teams, management of IT services or of any other environment that requires professional care team or other existing processes in a company/organization.

These tickets can be opened / updated directly in the web interface or via email.

In the case of a modular system, it is possible to add features that complement the basic functions of the service, such as accounting module hours.


  • E-Ticketing is a system that allows the company to have a tool adapted to their needs, eg. put the logo or additional information.
  • Enables Active Directory authentication or other systems, as well as internet searche.
  • Allows searching and complete history of occurrences, attach files / documents, custom fields, etc
  • It includes a report generator and integrated statistics, even allows integration with other tools, increasing their capacities.
  • Allows you to create several notifications to customers, operators and managers.
  • Integrates with various email systems. e-Ticketing can search messages in your inbox and manages occurrences itself.
  • Tickets may be forwarded to different groups of support according to their expertise and different priorities can be defined for each ticket.
  • Keeps count of the lifetime of each ticket and allows you to schedule a warning to act on it.
  • You can perform batch actions, such as closing multiple tickets at once.
  • Automates actions in tickets through scheduled tasks such as automatic creation of tickets and automated classification using the powerful integrated generic agent.
  • You can define workflows response, based on the characteristics of each ticket (service, type, service group, etc.).
  • Definition of calendars and schedules for attendance calculations SLAs times and according to the reality of each country, which makes it excellent in different time zones.
  • It is completely customizable, offering many options that change completely the operation of the tool.


DSSI, is an Value Added Distributor, that provides a wide range of products and solutions to their business partners whenever is required, complementing its offer with Support Services Pre-Sales, Implementation and Support.


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